August 24-26, 2018 

Berkeley Springs, W V

Contest Rules

Note: Rules are subject to change, so please continue to check back.

Morgan County Expo is pleased to welcome all fiddle players to show their talent and be a part of our annual community celebration. Before the contest starts, the judges will be pleased to answer your questions. Judges’ decision is final. Anything not covered in the Rules & Standards will be decided by the judges. Emcee will introduce the fiddlers and accompanists. Fiddlers will announce their tunes.

Registration: Fiddlers can pre-register to participate in the contest by completing pre-registration forms located on by July 25, 2019. Registration form is located  HERE: REGISTRATION FORM On July 27,2019, registration/roll-call of all Fiddlers will begin at 10:30 AM at the Senior Life Services Center - EXPO Grounds. There is no fee for participation. Registration/Roll Call will end at 12:30. All Fiddlers should be present for registration/roll call on July 27, 2019 from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM. The Contest will begin at 1:00 P.M. 

Divisions and Order of Play Youth: Ages 18 and below. Adult: age 18-60. Fiddlers must compete in their own age group. Order of play will be determined by drawing numbers at the time of registration/roll call. Contestants not on stage and ready within three minutes of being announced will be disqualified and next fiddler called. Contestants arriving after contest begins may still be permitted to participate; their name will be placed at the end of the existing contestant lineup. This will have no effect on the judges’ decision.

Fiddlers Unless otherwise announced, fiddlers will play three tunes of their choice. No tunes are banned, and all styles of old-time fiddle are welcome. Contestants may restart tune in event of a broken string or unavoidable problem. One false start is allowed. No sheet music is allowed in stage area. No personal amplification systems are permitted. Time limit: 9 minutes.

Up to two accompanists are allowed on stage; Accompanist may not duplicate the melody.  Contestant may have a second violin as backup, but the second fiddler must play chords or backup (no melody or twin fiddling). Only solo fiddling is welcome.

Judging Criteria Performance will be judged using traditional fiddling criteria including intonation, skill, timing control, rhythm suitability for selected tune, crowd engagement and overall ability. Judging criteria include appropriateness of accompaniment. In the event of a tie, or at the judges’ discretion, callbacks will be held.

The Audience will have an opportunity to vote who they believe is the best performer/entertainer. • To engage EXPO attendees, we will have voting tickets available. EXPO attendees can express their appreciation to Fiddle Contestants by voting for their favorite contestant. If there is a tie, the winner may be determined based on the votes registered by the audience. • Winners of the contest will be announced at 5:00 PM. • Contestants are asked to conduct themselves with common courtesy and a spirit of fair play. Contestants exhibiting inappropriate behavior toward the audience, other contestants, officials, or sponsors will be disqualified from the contest. Suggestions If you have ideas or suggestions, please share them with us via our website: or write us at: