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Established in 2004, MOrgan County Fair Board is a leading real estate consulting firm, providing strategic and resource information for land developers, builders, and state agencies. Flexible yet comprehensive in our approach, we are known for being timely and thorough. Clients also know we place an emphasis on details and time tables. Nothing is more important than eliminating errors and keeping costs down when it comes to development.


LIVE ENTERTAINMENT  Saturday, August 25, 2018 

WELCOME HOME our very own Paw Paw native - Mr. Randy Spenser, who has been playing saxaphone since he was 6 years old.  His talented band has palyed at many venues in the area and we are delighted to have them for  EXPO 2018.

The Hot Rod Rockers are a popular and exciting 4 piece group that plays the absolute best Vintage Variety.  Everything from Rockabilly to Disco, Classic Country to Doo Wop, Rock and Roll, and Blues. 

The song list is extensive and sure to bring out the dance and voice of everyone.  Join us at 6:30 to 7:30 pm for fun, music,  and more at the main stage area in front of the Senior Life Services Center of Morgan County!

August 24-26 2018

Berkeley Springs, WV

ALL DAY MUSIC on August 25, 2018 --- Here's the LOWDOWN

EXPO brings the FIRST MOCO Fiddle Playing Contest!   Contest starts at 1 PM and may never end!   Youth, Adult, and Esquire players will compete for prizes and your delightment!  Guaranteed to be a fun, challenging event for all fiddle players in the area - players outside of Morgan County-- if you dare, are welcome to try to compete!!  Click on icon for more info. 

Moto Moto Marimba Band with Jona Masiya returns  to Berkeley Springs to share his  culture, music, and spirit.  Kids wlecome to  join  in and play or dance.  Very uplifting music. for all to enjoy.  Watch for times of this event 

Morgan County's Favorite Youth Rock and Roll -

Black Cat's School of Rock will play - time is still being determined!  We are so happy to hear thier sounds.

THERE IS SUMPIN' about Ukeleles and  Morgan County - Black Cats presents the Ukelele Orchestra for your listening pleasure. 

Youth displays and learning sessions 

LaVale Inflatable Fun 


Starting Points BIG TRUCKS