The Morgan County Fair Board would like to welcome all county residents to this year's special event -- free to all, a very nice benefit for all who live here. It is our time to come together and celebrate what makes living here so great. The Board wanted to accomplish three goals through the EXPO.

1.      We wanted  to demonstrate the impact individuals and organizations have on the economic, social, and cultural resilience of our county.  The EXPO entries are designed to present challenges and to spark an entrepreneurial passion that is life long.  This helps us grow new businesses and opportunities to sustain our communities.  

2.      We wanted businesses/organizations to to be engaged in the Expo in new and different ways.  

3.      We want to encourage and promote "First Time" entrants.  July is the month to be involved and we are looking  to increasing participation in a number of ways.  Make it a family challenge - everyone enter something!

We will be looking for you at the EXPO and we hope that you plan to volunteer your time for EXPO 2018!

The Morgan County Fair Board.